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NIO Q2 Earnings Stock Crash Explained By NIO Owner

Published on 16 Aug 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles

NIO Just Released Their earnings and the Stock Has taken a Dip!I go over the key takeaways and what to look forward to!Official Merch Storehttps://teespring.com/stores/m....rps-official-merch-s YOUR MIND WITH THESE VIDS🔴NIO OWNER SELLS NIOS FOR NIO (NIO USER VOLUNTEER)https://youtu.be/Pq-L7kC9Z2cNIO APP WALKTHORUGH IN ENGLISHhttps://youtu.be/1kLTE7BcjogNIO IS Also a Food Company!!! (NIO FOOD REVIEW!)https://youtu.be/YoiIeJ7XhIwNIO IS Also A Social Media Company!!!https://youtu.be/o42Mg7rK_C0NIO Is Also A ECommerce Company!!!https://youtu.be/PEsEVQSYoM8NIO DOLLARS (NIO Points Explained)https://youtu.be/QY518EuJBGsNIO's 100 Million DOLLAR NIO HOUSEhttps://youtu.be/ElG2JpYZc6sNIO's Flagship Showroom (Store) Tourhttps://youtu.be/mIAaTRSQa_MNIO HAS SUPERCHARGERS TOO!!https://youtu.be/ukJPMi5kFssNIO STOCK TO $650! Ultimate Plan Revealedhttps://youtu.be/Ht-oz4q2NjYNIO's Are Upgradable!?!?https://youtu.be/-ErXFFt9h0QXPENG VS NIO STORE! - I HELPED OUThttps://youtu.be/H9SHL97Vur0NIO's SERVICE - WHY IS IT LEGENDARY?https://youtu.be/XzHw68sVuXoNIO's Luxurious Interior!https://youtu.be/6BeEBjS5iXE*LEGAL DISCLAIMER* I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISORTHIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY#NIOSTOCK #NIOOWNER #NIONEWS

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